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APFC Panel

APFC Panel

These panels will control the load power factor by sensing various available parameters like Current, Power Factor, and KVAR.

Metering Chamber if necessary, i.e., Voltmeter and Ammeter are required; otherwise, only APFC relay of suitable stages would be sufficient. Auto/ Manual Selector switch is required for this panel as the panel will operate in both auto as well as manual modes. At the outgoing side, the panel will have suitable stages of KVAR Ratings generally starting from 2 up to 100KVAR. These capacitors will control through capacitor duty contactors which is controlled by HRC Fuses or MCBs. The Capacitor will be mounted in such a way that it can be removed and fixed easily. The Cooling fan and filters will be provided in the panel so that the hot air will exit from the panel. Usually the panel will be made in 4-Stage, 6-Stage, 8-Stage or 16-Stage.


The APFC Panels were designed to provide significant savings on electric bills. They increase the life of electrical motors through heat reduction and provide surge protection for the entire system through KVAR Unit. The KVAR units will increase the power factor by reducing the amount of reactive power that loads draws.

Usually the capacitors used are of, Metalized Polypropylene, All Polypropylene, and Mixed Dielectric type.